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How Can Psychotherapy And Counselling Help You?

Talking to a trained counsellor or psychotherapist helps to improve mental wellness. So make an appointment today with our Insightful team of trained counsellors and psychotherapists to dive deep into your concerns that impact your emotions, thinking and actions.

Therapy is a powerful, life-changing, and supportive experience that can help you improve your mental well-being, alleviate social and emotional challenges, and move you to fulfil your potentia

A trained psychotherapist at Insightful Counselling, Singapore, can help you: Express your feelings and process them in a safe and supportive environment; cope better with your emotions, and fulfill your potential.

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapies are a highly effective way to treat mental health issues by engaging in conversations with a skilled professional. They enable individuals to recognize and tackle the root causes of their problems. With a variety of psychotherapeutic options available, each with its own unique approach and techniques, individuals can develop stronger coping mechanisms, enhance their communication and relationship skills, and gain profound insights into their own selves and experiences.

Psychotherapy and counselling are effective methods that can aid individuals in recovering from various problems.

Mood Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Traumatic experiences and their impact on the person
Psychotherapy and counselling also help in everyday functioning, managing relationships, alleviating daily stressors and conflicts that can disrupt a person’s life.

What Different Type Of Therapies Does Insightful Offer?

Our trained therapist guide you on the different approaches to psychotherapy, and you can choose a method that feels right for you when you decide to start therapy. Different types may appeal to various people depending on their values and interests.

Would you please read more on the different approaches offered by our trained team of counsellors and psychotherapists at Insightful Counselling, Singapore?

EMDR Therapy


Transactional Analysis


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