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Manish Goenka - Business Development Advisor

Manish Goenka

Business Development Advisor

Areas of specialisation and interest

Leadership, Business Strategy & Planning,  Business Alliances


Insightful Counselling & Training is pleased to formally introduce Manish Goenka as our Business Development Advisor. With an impressive career spanning nearly four decades, Manish possesses extensive experience across diverse markets in India, the USA, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. As a seasoned leader in technology and digital transformation, he has spent the last thirty years driving business growth in Singapore and spearheading regional initiatives for notable technology companies.

As the CEO & founder director of Ascend Asia Consulting, Manish brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Previously, he served as the Senior Vice President & Head of ASEAN at TechMahindra, where he managed enterprise operations, including P&L management, sales, operations, and alliance relations across the region. His unique blend of expertise, acquired from industry giants like Hewlett Packard and Oracle Corporation, allows him to navigate seamlessly between corporate and entrepreneurial realms, consistently delivering successful outcomes.

Throughout his career, Manish has demonstrated a remarkable ability to achieve profitable growth in challenging emerging markets, including expansions into Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, while maintaining sustained growth in mature markets such as Singapore. His insights and leadership have transformed businesses from loss-making entities to industry benchmarks of profitability, showcasing his adeptness in navigating complex market dynamics.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with extensive industry knowledge and strategic acumen, Manish as Business Development Director will assist Insightful Counselling in defining Business Growth Strategies, enable customer outreach and Go-To-Market approaches for B2B and B2C sectors.

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