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Teenager Counselling In Singapore - Insightful Counselling

Adolescence, spanning from thirteen to nineteen years old, is a transformative phase marked by significant growth and self-discovery. During this time, individuals grapple with questions about their identitybeliefs, and existenceCounseling plays a crucial role in supporting them through this challenging journey, offering guidance, coping strategies, and a safe space to explore their inner world.

What is Adolescent Counselling?

Adolescent counselling is a therapy that helps teenagers deal with the challenges they face while growing up. This therapy addresses emotional, behavioural, and psychological issues. A trained counsellor works with teenagers to explore their thoughts and feelings. They provide tools and strategies to manage emotions, build resilience, and develop healthy coping skills.

How Will Adolescent Counselling Benefit Your Teenager?
How Will Adolescent Counselling Benefit Your Teenager - Insightful Counselling Singapore

Adolescent counselling offers many benefits, including:

  • Emotional Support: Provides a safe space for teenagers to express their feelings and concerns without judgment.
  • Improved Communication: Helps teenagers develop better communication skills, enabling them to share their needs and feelings more effectively.
  • Coping Strategies: Provides teenagers with practical methods to manage stress, anxiety, and various emotional challenges.
  • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Encourages self-awareness and self-acceptance, fostering a positive self-image.
  • Conflict Resolution: Teaches problem-solving skills and ways to manage conflicts with peers, family, and others.
Recognising the Signs Your Adolescent May Benefit from Counselling
Signs your Teen might need Adolescent Counselling - Insightful Counselling Singapore

Parents and guardians should watch for these signs, which may indicate an adolescent could benefit from counselling:

  • Persistent Sadness or Withdrawal: Long periods of sadness, isolation, or withdrawal from social activities.
  • Changes in Behaviour: Sudden behavioural changes, such as aggression, defiance, or significant mood swings.
  • Academic Decline: Noticeable drop in academic performance or lack of interest in schoolwork.
  • Substance Abuse: Experimenting with drugs, alcohol, or other harmful substances.
  • Physical Symptoms: Unexplained headaches or stomach aches could be connected to emotional stress.
  • Risky behaviors: Engaging in high-risk, self-destructive activities.
How Insightful Counselling Can Help?

Insightful offers customised adolescent counselling services to meet each teenager’s needs. Our experienced counsellors connect with adolescents, creating a trusting and supportive environment. We use evidence-based approaches to help teenagers:

– Identify and understand their emotions

– Develop healthy coping mechanisms

– Improve their relationships with family and peers

– Build resilience and self-esteem

How Can Teenager Counselling Help? - Insightful Counselling Singapore

Why Choose Insightful?

Our counsellors like Adeeti and Huay Khem have experience working with young people. They believe in empowering your teen with individualised and tailored made therapies sessions to ensure faster results. Adeeti and Huay Khem make assessments to identify how a problem may impact each unique adolescent who steps in for therapy. They help identify the strengths that boost self-confidence and recovery. They help to empower your teen’s confidence, emotional regulation and boost their self-esteem.

Get Back the Happy Family You Missed

Improving family relationships takes time and effort. By working together and seeking professional help when needed, you can create a happier, healthier family dynamic.

Benefits Of Teenager Counselling - Insightful Counselling Singapore

Our Counsellors for Adolescent Counselling

Reena Goenka

Reena Goenka, MSc (Counselling), SAC Master Clinical Member: Reena has over 15 years of experience working with adolescents and families using Transactional Analysis as her main modality to generate self-awareness or family dynamics and if there are any hurtful past memories, works with EMDR therapy, Brainspotting Therapy, or Flash Techniques.

Adeeti Jain

Adeeti Jain - Counsellor at Insightful Counselling Singapore

Adeeti Jain, MSc (Counselling), SAC Associate Member: Adeeti brings a wealth of knowledge with her experience working with adolescent and has a strong background in helping teenagers navigate emotional and behavioural challenges.

Lily Ng

Lily Ng, MSc (Counselling), SAC Associate Member: Lily has a deep understanding of adolescent issues and focuses on providing a supportive environment to help teenagers build resilience and develop healthy coping strategies.

Insightful Counselling Case Studies

Case Study 1: Identity Crisis

At Insightful, we worked with Sabrina (not their real name due to confidentiality), a 15-year-old who identified as “they” due to an identity crisis. Sabrina struggled with feelings of confusion about their gender identity and faced difficulties expressing themselves. Our counselling sessions provided a safe and supportive environment for Sabrina to explore her feelings and identity. Over time, Sabrina developed a stronger sense of self, improved their communication skills, and gained the confidence to express their identity at home and school.

Case Study 2: Cyberbullying

We helped Tarini (not her real name due to confidentiality), a 14-year-old dealing with severe cyberbullying. Tarini experienced anxiety, depression, and a significant drop in academic performance due to online harassment. Our counselling focused on building Tarini’s resilience, developing healthy coping mechanisms, and restoring her self-esteem. By working closely with Tarini and her parents, we created strategies to manage cyberbullying, including reporting the abuse and setting digital boundaries. As a result, Tarini regained her confidence, improved her mental well-being, and successfully re-engaged with her studies and social life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does adolescent counselling usually last?

The length of counselling depends on the adolescent’s individual needs. Some may benefit from short-term counselling over a few months, while others might need longer-term support.

Is adolescent counselling confidential?

Yes, adolescent counselling is confidential. However, there are exceptions if there is a risk of harm to the adolescent or others, in which case the counsellor may need to break confidentiality to ensure safety.

Do parents need to be involved in the counselling process?

Parental involvement can be beneficial but is not always necessary. The counsellor will discuss the appropriate level of involvement based on the adolescent’s needs and preferences.

How do I find a qualified adolescent counsellor?

Look for counsellors who have completed their Masters in Counselling and are affiliated with reputable professional bodies like the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC). Our counsellors at Insightful are all highly qualified and members of SAC.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us at Insightful. We support you and your adolescent’s journey towards better mental health and well-being.


"Reena really helped me when I was feeling lost. She listened to me and made me feel understood. Thanks to her, I'm much happier and more confident now."

"Adeeti is amazing! She made it easy to talk about my problems and helped me find ways to feel better. I feel so much better because of her."

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