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Body Image Issues

You do not have to apologize for your body. If you feel that way,

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Body image counselling can be incredibly beneficial for individuals struggling with body image issues. In therapy, individuals can explore the factors that contribute to their current attitudes about their bodies. Often, people may not realize how much negative comments from others or past experiences influence their self-perception. Counselling helps individuals rebuild a healthier self-image that isn’t tainted by mistreatment or unrealistic societal ideals. Additionally, it addresses unhealthy dieting habits or disordered eating behaviours, promotes self-acceptance, and encourages setting realistic goals related to body image. Through counselling, individuals can learn to appreciate and feel content with their body size and shape. Remember: Seeking counselling is a positive step toward improving body image and overall well-being. You don’t have to face these challenges alone! 

What is a Body Image Disorder?

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental health condition characterized by an overwhelming preoccupation with a perceived flaw in one’s physical appearance. Individuals with BDD intensely focus on their appearance and body image, often spending hours each day checking the mirror, grooming, or seeking reassurance. Despite the flaw being minor or even nonexistent to others, they experience significant distress and may avoid social situations.

How Do You Know You Have It?

The following signs and symptoms may be the clear hint you definitely shouldn’t ignore.

Preoccupation: Individuals are extremely preoccupied with a perceived flaw that others cannot see or that appears minor.

Belief in Defect: They believe they have a defect that makes them ugly or deformed.

Seeking Reassurance: Frequently seeking reassurance from others about their appearance.

Negative Attention: They think others notice their appearance negatively or mock them.

Repetitive Behaviors: Engaging in behaviors to fix or hide the perceived flaw, such as mirror-checking, grooming, or skin picking.

Comparison: Constantly comparing their appearance with others.

How Can Insightful Help?

Kindness! Patience! Mindfulness! Is what you need at this moment. We at Insightful understand this and organize your therapy in a way that helps you the most. this disorder usually doesn’t get better on its own. You need a helping hand to control yourself. Generally cognitive behavioral therapy is the best therapy recommended, but we may offer something additional to it.
Counselling For Body Image - How It Helps Insightful Counselling

Why Choose Insightful?

Insightful understands you without even knowing you. You will gain that desired freedom from the compulsive habits you were getting prisoned into. We know that you are worth much more than whatever shows on the outside. Our motto is

Start Loving Yourself..

Love yourself as you are, if you have issues accepting it, talk to us! If left untreated, it may get worse with time. We may not be able to magically turn things around, but we will help you build self-acceptance and self-confidence.
Loving Yourself, Loving Your Body - Insightful Counselling


Reena has been my clinical supervisor since I graduated from a counselling master programme. She is patient and attentive. She makes me feel comfortable and less worry. Her counselling and supervision skills and knowledge are much to be admired for and she is generous with her knowledge. I left her office feeling fulfilled every time after the session. She is a extraordinary supervisor.

Reena is one of the best supervisors I had. She is very knowledgeable, passionate and compassionate individual who cares about imparting her skills on junior counsellors. She is well- versed in EMDR therapy and has taught me some valuable techniques to use with clients. Highly recommended if you are looking for a clinical supervisor.

I have had the privilege to experience Reena as both my Group Supervisor during my Masters at ECTA and one-on-one for individual supervision.

As a Group Supervisor, Reena allows the group to set our supervision goals. She is conscious when allowing sufficient time for cases to be presented. With her rich experience, she gently teases out info of each case, urges each presenter to provide his view, intervention and treatment plans.

As a Counsellor, I have benefited richly from Reena’s experience, generous sharing and guidance. I am truly grateful to be mentored and supervised by her.

Thank you for your excellent supervision. I am amazed at your generosity, patience, kindness, diligence, inspiration, commitment and support that you have provided during my internship counselling journey. You make me realize that I have more ability than I think I have, challenged me, pushed me, believed in me, help me grow consistently and constructively to do better and led by example. Thank you again!
- Jody Tan

Reena has been very helpful and insightful as a supervisor. She was able to shed light on my blind spots and offer suggestions in my intervention.
- Shifan Hu

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