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Relationships, Marriage & Family Counselling in Singapore - Insightful Counselling

Relationships, Marriage & Family Counselling in Singapore

At Insightful we give importance to your relationship with your near and dear ones. Therapy can take different forms:
Let’s talk in brief about some of these services offered by Insightful Counselling in Singapore and internationally via our online platform.
Couple Counselling & Marital Counselling

Couple Counselling & Marital Counselling

Even though marriages are made in heaven, they are lived on earth and like all other relationships, marital relationships too require constant efforts to keep the spark alive.

Similarly, couples can also have relationship issues if they become complacent and do not water their relationship.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps families deal with issues that specifically affect their mental health. It can improve communication, help family members build stronger relationships, and resolve conflicts within the family system. In addition, family therapy can improve the interaction and relationships among family members, leading to a positive outcome for the relationship.
A primary goal of family therapy is to improve the home environment, solve family problems, and understand the unique challenges that families may face.

Family therapy includes

Family Therapy In Singapore - Insightful Counselling
Child & Adolescent Counselling In Singapore - Insightful Counselling

Child & Adolescent Counselling

Counselling is beneficial to children as well as adults. Children and adolescents benefit from counselling in many ways, including understanding the causes of their distress, becoming better at asking for help and expressing emotions, and developing problem-solving skills.
In our approach to child/adolescent counselling, we emphasize strengths and utilize a holistic approach. Our goal is to identify and further develop an individual’s strengths, while at the same time reducing distress and enhancing their coping mechanisms.


Parenting is a joy, but it also comes along with its fair share of challenges. As every parent strives to instil life skills for daily and social living in their children, they all aspire to raise independent, resilient and self-motivated children. Often, in families with more than one child, the parenting style and approach that worked for one child may not work for the next as every child comes with a unique personality, which might overwhelm the parents. Though each child is unique in its being, the common issues for which parents reach out for parenting therapy are:

Parenting In Singapore - Insightful Counselling

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