Can Loneliness Lead To depression? Learn How To Heal Loneliness?

Can Loneliness Lead To depression?

‘Depression is being color blind and constantly being told how colourful the world is.’

Can being lonely turn into depression? Or is depression going to make you feel lonely?

Where are the signs of depression? Well, understanding the link between the two can help you know how to heal.

Loneliness is something that can hit you hard sometimes. Many times, loneliness comes with feelings of sadness, hopelessness, as well as lack of motivation. Is this depression?

Each one is born with a survival need to emotionally connect in the same way as we are wired for home, food, and oxygen. When our needs for attachments are not met or partially met, we may feel lonely. Many a time, when the need to belong, to feel secure, and a lack of having friends and family around may lead to loneliness.

Well, if this sounds something similar to you, then you should know that you are not Alone. Many go through the cycles of loneliness and depression. However, it need not be permanent.

How Will I know if I am Suffering from Loneliness?

The loneliness symptoms and signs can differ depending on who you are and your situation. In order to know if you are suffering from loneliness or note, then try to see if you are facing some of the following symptoms:

  • Inability to connect with others on a deeper and more intimate level. You might have friends and family in your life, but engagement with them is at a very minimal level.
  • When you have no close or best friends. You are not able to trust these friends with your inner most truths. You find it difficult talking to them about your experiences.
  • Feelings of isolation regardless of your situation, where you are, and who is around you. You can be at a party where you are surrounded by people and get feelings of isolation, disengagement, and separation.
  • You might feel alienated as well as alone. If you have feelings of self with doubt and feel like you are always less than enough. These feelings can in the long term be a possible symptom of loneliness.
  • When you feel like you are not heard or listened to, you do not feel important or do not belong, and many a times you believe your feelings are not reciprocated when you try to connect.
  • Exhaustion and burn out when you try to engage socially.
  • When you feel judged or have high anxiety of being judged, you may decide to stay by yourself and may also experience social anxiety.

What are the Signs of Loneliness?

What are the Signs of Loneliness?

Loneliness is known to be very detrimental to your body. It can lead to various issues such as cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, depression, and overall reduced immunity.

● You are constantly feeling tired.

If you are sleeping the whole night on time and still feeling tired or constantly waking up, you are on the shore of loneliness. You might want to pay a little more attention to how much you are sleeping. Another reason for having a good sleep however waking up tired can be sleep apnea. You may want to get a medical checkup done.

● You start caring of the material possessions:

It is believed that materialism and loneliness are very closely linked. If you suddenly feel relaxed when you are purchasing material possessions and are shopping more than normal, you are going through a rough patch.

● You are taking long hot and cold showers:

Emotion has been linked with warmth. When a person is practically feeling cold, then they are trying to substitute their emotional warmth with the physical warmth by taking shower baths and warmth.

● When you can’t stop binge-watching shows:

Well, there is a tendency of binge-watching that can indicate a few things such as depression, lack of self-control, and loneliness. However, a study found out that the participants were more likely to binge-watch the TV to avoid negative feelings.

These are some of the common signs of depression.

Is it Normal to be Lonely?

Well, there are times when it is perfectly normal that you feel lonely. This is even if you are happy and content with your life. This can happen due to emotional ups and downs as well as hormonal changes as well.

Although sometimes, these signs can be a serious indication that needs to be resolved, such as lacking a closed relationship, unsatisfying lifestyles, and stress. Thus at the time, make sure that you are feeling lonely or not.

Can Depression Be a Companion to Loneliness?

Can Depression Be a Companion to Loneliness?

Depression is a complex mental health condition that will develop with a combination of various factors. Some feelings of isolation and dissatisfaction with the relationship can play a part. At times, social loneliness is not going to translate into depression. Some people who live alone and do not meet people regularly might not feel lonely at all. At the same time, the others might roam around with people and still feel very lonely. When left unresolved, these feelings of loneliness can lead to depression and various other mental health concerns. Learn more about Counselling for Depression.

Loneliness and Depression: Is There a Link?

Well, one of the biggest links or the differences between depression and loneliness is that depression is a mental health condition. In contrast, loneliness is a feeling that will weigh you down, just as depression will. In my opinion, there is no doubt that loneliness may lead to depression when left untreated.

Loneliness is not a comfortable place to be, but it is an emotional state that will relate to your belonging and the connection. When you meet those needs, you are going to feel less lonely.

Depression on the other hand, does not relate to the connection. Without the treatment, it can linger on for years and become more serious.

Also read more on Anxiety that can be a leading factor towards Depression.

How Can I Overcome My Feelings of Loneliness And Depression?

How Can I Overcome My Feelings of Loneliness And Depression?

Well, do you know how to fight depression and loneliness? The feelings of loneliness and depression that you are experiencing do not have to stick around. To overcome feelings of loneliness and depression, here are the things that you can do to start feeling better.

● Focus on your friendship:

Well, you need to work in order to improve friendships as it will improve the way you will feel and fight the symptoms of loneliness and depression. Making new friends can also help you combat depression.

● Get comfortable in your company:

Being comfortable in your own company can help you not be as lonely as always and will help fight depression. You can work on your comfort level by meditating and doing the things you like such as watching movies, keeping a journal, reading, Etc.

● Practice small talk:

Well, take the opportunity to make your everyday interaction more inviting and friendly. This can lead to more meaningful conversations. Engaging in small talk can be used in many situations, such as in-office and when you are out with your friends.

● Pursue a hobby:

Pursuing a hobby is also very effective for evading depression and will help you to find opportunities and talk to other people who enjoy the same thing as you. Well, doing something that you enjoy is going to increase your feelings of happiness and keep you away from loneliness and depression.

You may also want to consider counselling and psychotherapy. A psychotherapist or a counsellor will provide you with a non-judgemental and empathic environment to unfold your story and dive deeper into the triggers of loneliness and depression.


Learn How to Heal from Depression

Well, it is very normal that you are going through a phase of social anxiety or a lack of social connection. When you improve the quality of your relationship, then it can pull you out from boredom, loneliness, and depression. It does not matter what you are dealing with, you do not have to handle it alone. Talk to your loved ones because if we understand it, your special ones will also do.

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