“Whispers in the Night: My Dance with Insomnia and the Steps that Brought Sleep Back Home”

Insomnia- Causes & Treatment - Insightful Counselling

“Sleep is a gentle dance, but insomnia is the restless tango of the night.”

Hey there, night owls and moonbeam dreamers! Today, I want to invite you into the shadowy realm of my personal journey with insomnia. You see, for the longest time, sleep was an elusive friend, a fleeting companion that danced just out of reach. Let’s dive into the world of insomnia, exploring its triggers and discovering the steps that eventually led me back to the sweet embrace of slumber.

The Midnight Symphony:

Picture this – a world wrapped in darkness, silence embracing the night, and there I lay, wide awake. Insomnia had become my unwanted companion, turning the peaceful night into a symphony of restless thoughts.

The Trigger: Stress and Overthinking:

The trigger for my insomnia was a relentless duo – stress and overthinking. Life’s challenges and an overactive mind created a cacophony that echoed through the silent hours, making it nearly impossible to find tranquillity.

The Insomnia Tango:

Every night, I found myself in a tango with insomnia, twirling through the hours with eyes wide open. It wasn’t just about the lack of sleep; it was about feeling disconnected from the rejuvenating embrace of rest.

I decided to take my therapy journey with Insightful.

Psychotherapy Therapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy for Insomnia - Insightful Counselling

Acknowledging and talking about my deep seated fears of being a failure and overthinking about future, the triggers of insomnia was my first step toward understanding and reclaiming restful nights. I worked with my therapist with a variety of different therapies including Transactional Analysis, EMDR therapy, just talking about my issues and that helped me process my past hurts.

The simple act of talking openly about my experiences was profoundly therapeutic. Sharing my thoughts, emotions, and memories in a safe and supportive space facilitated a process of self-exploration and validation. It enabled me to gain insights, express my feelings, and receive guidance from my therapist.

Therapy was a journey of self-discovery, an acknowledgment that beneath the surface of sleeplessness lied a tapestry of emotions and circumstances. By shining a light on these triggers, I took my first stride towards finding peace in the stillness of the night.

Alongwith therapy we also decided to put a few behavioural actions in place like:

Discovering the Power of Routine:

Insomnia -Discovering the Power of Routine - Insightful Counselling

The first step on my journey back to dreamland was embracing the power of routine. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and winding down with calming rituals signalled to my body that it was time to shift gears.

Tech-Free Twilight Zone:

Bid farewell to the glowing screens! By turning off electronic devices an hour before bedtime, I created a tech-free twilight zone, allowing my mind to ease into a calm state, free from the constant buzz of notifications.

Soothing Sanctuary:

Transforming my bedroom into a soothing sanctuary became a priority. Soft lighting, cosy blankets, and calming scents created an environment that whispered, “It’s time to rest.”

Mindful Moments with Meditation:

Introducing mindfulness and meditation into my pre-sleep routine became a game-changer. Focusing on the present moment and letting go of swirling thoughts allowed me to untangle the knots that kept me awake.

The Pillow Chronicles:

Investing in a comfortable pillow and finding the perfect sleep position became part of my insomnia-fighting arsenal. It’s incredible how physical comfort can pave the way for mental ease.


As I share this journey with you, I want you to know that you’re not alone if you’re dancing your own insomnia tango. It’s okay to seek help and to try different steps until you find the rhythm that works for you. Remember, the night is meant for dreams, not just worries. May your nights be filled with sweet serenades and peaceful slumber. Here’s to embracing the dance of dreams once more! 💤✨


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