Depression Counselling

Nowadays depression is broadening its sphere making it important for you to seek guidance at the earliest.
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Insightful provides depression counselling in Singapore to help you cope with depression.

Depression Counselling Singapore

Clinical/Major Depression

The mental health disorder that consist of persistent depressed mood or loss of interest in activities affecting daily life.

Persistent Depressive Disorder

A mild but long-term form of depression that persist for a longer period sometimes unnoticed.

Bipolar Disorder

A disorder associated with frequent mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.

Postnatal Depression

Depression that occurs after childbirth resublime into difficulty bonding with the new-born.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that can affect a person’s daily life. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger and extreme mood swings. A group of conditions associated with the elevation or lowering of a person’s mood. Continuous restlessness and negative thoughts accompany the person most of the time.d

Everyone goes through periods of deep sadness and grief. These feelings usually fade away within a few days or weeks, depending on the circumstances. But profound sadness that lasts more than two weeks and affects your ability to function may be a sign of depression.

How to Know If You Have It?

Possible causes of depression include various biological, psychological and social reasons of distress that may cause changes in brain function, including altered activity of certain neural circuits in the brain.

Some of the common symptoms of depression are:

Deep Feelings Of Sadness
Dark Moods
Feelings Of Worthlessness Or Hopelessness
Appetite Changes

Sleep Changes

Lack Of Energy

Inability To Concentrate

Difficulty Getting Through Your Normal Activities

Lack Of Interest In Things You Used To Enjoy

Withdrawing From Friends

Preoccupation With Death Or Thoughts Of Self-Harm

How Will Insightful's Depression Therapist Help?

At Insightful Counselling, Singapore we have a team of experienced depression therapists, psychotherapists and counsellors that work with issues related to depression. The mainstay of treatment is usually talk therapy. A consistent number of therapy sessions may normalize brain changes associated with depression.

Our experienced counsellors and psychotherapists work with you. They will first understand the issues, their trigger points. With therapies like Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, Brainspotting, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, they help you process your depression and heal you.

If you are suffering from depression, Insightful can help you. Insightful's depression therapist in Singapore will provide you with the best depression treatment and counselling.

Why Choose Insightful, Singapore?

At Insightful Counselling our therapists based out of Singapore offer depression counselling either face to face or via online platform. Depression affects different individuals differently, so the approach towards every client should be totally innovative and different. We understand this basic fact and work accordingly. Our depression therapists have worked with almost every type of client. Which is why we can differentiate and understand in a better way.

Proper Diagnosis Of Your Condition
Right Assessment For The Therapy To Be Used
Thorough And Consistent Assistance

Better And Peaceful Sleep

With the therapy you will gain the confidence to overcome the negative thoughts of depression. You will be able to understand “where” and “what” exactly is bothering you. You will be redirected towards the positivity of life giving you

No Unwanted And Suicidal Thoughts
More Energetic You
Release Negative Energy
A Completely New Outlook Towards Life


Reena has all the makings of a good counselor in my experience and I glad that I found her! I went to her on account of a bereavement of a close family member and even thought it was outside my immediate family it was a really painful and distressing time of my life as we were very close. I have a history of emotional distress and the bereavement was very hard to deal with especially as it came on the back of other ongoing distress and Reena was instrumental in helping me work through some longstanding issues that were exacerbating the situation. Seeking timely help and finding a counselor who is empathetic and involved made all the difference...

I met Reena at one of the most trying times in my personal life. I was going through a divorce that brought along paralyzing challenges both in the run up to it, as also the aftermath of it. Reena worked with me over nearly a year, helping me deal with the emotional and mental wreckages within me. The discussions we had helped me understand my situation objectively, rediscover my own strengths, and move ahead with a better poise. While my road to recovery continues, as does my association with Reena, I feel psychologically better equipped today in my outlook towards life ahead. Reena is a trustworthy ally, and if all goes to hell ever again, I am certain that her counsel professionally and personally will be there for me. I wish her much luck in her new venture, and I am confident that her work will continue to make life better for several other beings over the years to come."

Reena has helped me immensely by using EMDR and cognitive behaviour therapy to help me get over my social anxiety. I have seen a lot of improvement in myself by talking about my problems with her and trying to solve them. She also provided me with tons of helpful strategies to overcome stress and family-related issues. 

Reena this is how I feel talking to you.

Thank you, Reena, for being with me for the past 3 years. You have helped me understand myself, my beliefs and my emptiness. With transactional analysis and EMDR therapy and doing two chair work between my mother and myself, I notice a visible positive shift in my relationship with my parents especially my mother.  I feel loved and I am now able to be there with my family and allow them to be there for me.

Reena is a nurturing therapist. Her voice has a calming effect and she helped me connect with myself. I started my therapy to understand why I have this need to please everyone. We went on a journey to understand my childhood and I had amazing insight about my upbringing and my early decisions taken. I have now taken some (many) new decisions and life is liberating and happy. Thank you Reena.

“Love yourself”, that’s what Reena taught me at first place when I had worst emotional break down of life. Many things happened all together in my  life personal that impacted professional too and that too during COVID . I felt demons in my head and was not able to sleep for days. But talking to her got me slowly to track . She never forced me to do things aggressively to get out of that dark period of my life. She was all ears for few sessions and than understood my position and mentally helped me to be pulled out of that dark phase . If she wasn’t there, I would have lost track or I don’t know what more. Glad that she was my consultant. Thanks doctor Reena once again which I know isn’t enough.

"This was my first time engaging in therapy - and I was pretty nervous and anxious odf starting this. But with Reena, I felt comfortable, and was able to share my deepest feelings and emotions in a very open and non-judgmental space. When I started the sessions, I wasn't aware of the underlying issues causing anxiousness, but via talking to her, I was able to realise and address some of the deepest concerns and reasons which made a real difference in how I feel today in my life. This included dealing with - history of cancer in family, cheating and anxiety issues regarding responsibility of parents. It was not easy to navigate through so many issues, but we took one thing at a time and addressed it bit by bit. I highly recommend her for such therapy sessions as she has the much needed maturity, understanding and a trust based relationship."

Reena helped me to identify and confront a deep rooted subconscious fear that I had never vocalized. Through our sessions, I could learn how to deal with this and move forward.

I started with Reena in  2014 and could not leave ever since. 


I learned a lot about marriage and was able to find the problems and the reasons for hopelessness within myself in our marriage. Helped a great deal as she walked me through my thoughts. I also did a therapy with her which helped me fix/address one of my major childhood issue which I had been carrying for 22 years. That therapy did wonders and I could happily move on with life without any more guilts.


My marriage has been a troubled one and she helped me sail through  those...

she helped me figure out how to love myself and do things for self to maintain my own sanity first. That way i was better sorted to handle all other things. 


Highly recommend her!

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