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Insightful Counselling is committed to providing professional counselling, psychotherapy, and emotional care to adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated therapists in Singapore.  Therefore, they ease our clients to work on their goals of personal growth and progress. In addition, our therapists work with a wide range of concerns; for example, trauma & PTSD, anxiety, panic, stress management, alleviate depression, gambling, substance abuse, relationship & parenting issues.  At Insightful for instance, our psychotherapists help clients to recognise their negative self-thoughts, and identify self-defeating patterns. As a result, our therapist assists in building resilience, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-compassion. We provide individually tailored therapy in different languages like English, Tamil, Malay, Hindi, Mandarin and Malayalam.  Additionally, Insightful Counselling provides lunch talks on a variety of mental wellness topics to corporates as well as small groups. We also customise the topics to ensure it relates with the audience.  Moreover, our senior therapists provide clinical supervision in groups as well as individual settings.
People seek counselling or therapy for many different reasons. For instance, when they are feeling hopeless or distressed. However, they may not know where to begin their healing journey. Therefore, at Insightful our therapist guides our clients. This is to say, we help you with a range of issues. Moreover, we provide confidential counselling therapy.  Most importantly we offer a safe space to explore, reflect and grow. Our treatment covers anxiety, trauma, panic, and depression. Additionally, we help to identity triggers of problems and resolve them. Moreover, we work with stress management, relationship issues and other issues identified by our clients. Most importantly, Insightful offers both online as well as face-to-face counselling. Our face-to-face sessions are in a serene and peaceful environment. Our expert therapists in Singapore have helped many clients resolve their health issues. With our professional counseling psychotherapists in Singapore, we have built trust within our clients through face-to-face sessions. Choose the best form of counselling and psychotherapy sessions for you.

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Join me at Singapore for an exclusive discussion session on how to live life meaningfully and find happiness in the little things. The session will be followed by a one-on-one training class where I will sit down with you to help you find out how you can make small changes to your routine for a more productive, fulfilling life.

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