Navigating Difficult Conversations

A Journey From The Head To The Heart Book Appointment

Join our exciting 12 weeks program to learn all about human processes – within ourselves and within others. This helps us to improve our communication skills.

Program starts on 14th October 2021.

Every alternate thursday for the next six months. Listen to the recorded preview session with Anisha Pandya on our upcoming group program.

About the Program

“Tough love and brutal truth from strangers are far more valuable than band-aids and half- truths from invested friends, who don’t want to see you suffer any more than you have”

Shannon Alder

Are you ready to embark on a journey that would facilitate a paradigm shift on viewing conflicts as a source of stress to conflict being an opportunity for deeper connection and change?


Program Takeaways

  • Befriend your inner critics, to deepen compassion for self and others
  • Reduce loneliness and increase connection to experience love and support
  • Learn ways of staying connected with life in us, even in challenging situations
  • Explore pathways of dealing with unpleasant experiences in our lives and embrace them
  • Introduction to a new lens/model of communication
  • Develop skills to engage in difficult conversation
  • Transforming Self-Judgments to Self-Compassion
  • Learn how to respond rather than ‘react’

From 14/10/2021 - 2nd and 4th Thursday

From 6.30pm SGT to 8.30pm SGT

About the Program

This group program will provide healing for participants to learn to be themselves.

To put it dramatically, one can disguise as oneself which can aid self-discovery.

Each one of us wants to get our needs met, whether it’s intimacy, attention, connection, recognition, respect, care, companionship, or love.

The main goal of this group work will be to focus on self, to identify maladaptive thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns (often known to us as relational “blind spots”), in a safe, supportive environment and to find more adaptive ways to connect with others to get our needs met.

Anisha uses a good blend of Non Violent Communication skills, Process work and Transactional Analysis to help navigate conversations. No prior knowledge is required.

Anisha Pandya

Anisha’s mission is to empower individuals and systems to be the best versions of themselves by scaffolding the processes of reaching within to discover the depths of their own potential and reaching out to create nourishing relationships.

Her uniqueness is her ability to instantly connect with people and see the world through their frame of reference. She is Masters in Counselling Psychology (Mumbai University) and has been working as a psychotherapist, leadership coach and transformation facilitator with a diverse and expansive range of people across various sectors both nationally and internationally. She has 4000+ hours of experience in coaching people across India, Singapore, USA, UK, Thailand and other countries.

Over the last 14 years, her work has been about acting as an impetus in unlocking the human potential.

She is certified in:

  • Provisional Trainer and Supervisor of Transactional Analysis (PTSTA) from International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA), USA
  • Certified Professional Coach (ICF) from Coaching for Transformation, Leadership that Works Inc.
  • Certified T-lab facilitator from ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences)
  • Certified Assessor and Coach for SEI (Emotional Intelligence scale) & MBTI Step 1 and 2
  • Master Practitioner of NLP from NFNLP, USA
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Six Seconds, USA
  • Currently getting certified as a practitioner and teacher of Non-Violent Communication

“I have come to learn that every action, no matter how unproductive, is an attempt to meet a human need. Therefore, I focus on creating a platform for people to dive deeper and operate from a space of need awareness.”


Workshop Details

Starting From

14 October From 6.30pm SGT to 8.30pm SGT


Maximum 10


Online via Zoom

Fortnightly program every Thursday
Fees – $130 per session to be paid monthly for 2 sessions – $260.00


This path has been awesome…in my entire journey of self discovery, no other path has been so profound. Not only it helps me to understand who am I and what makes me who I am, it also beautifully integrates me in the profession of coaching.
Most importantly the echo system you all provide, though we may not be talking very frequently, but core of the heart each one of you are so close and dear that I can share anything with you without a fear of judgment and invalidation.
Finally Anisha, my dear friend and mentor. I haven’t come across any trainer/teacher/mentor who understands me most and provides me the space of learning and growth

  • Transactional Analysis is a journey of awareness (A) to autonomy (A). It supports one to integrate Adult (A) to Adult (A) ego states. Anisha- as her name speaks her work incidentally begins and ends with (A). She is amazing, nurturing, impressive, supporting, harmonious and an amicable person who facilitates learning effectively. She helped me in my journey of awareness to autonomy enabling me to integrate my Adult. She is my guru and I am proud to have learnt practicing equality and compassion from her. She made me aware of my feelings and helped me in setting tone of my life with awareness. Thankyou, Anisha!

  • In the path of my ‘self-discovery’ for past decade, one of the pivotal point has been introduction to “Transaction Analysis’ which has been aptly integrated in my profession of executive & life coach.

    For me ‘Transactional Analysis’ and ‘Anisha Pandya’ are the two sides of same coin. I’m sure it’s only due to her extraordinary clarity in the distinctions of ‘TA’ the subject has been interesting and intriguing. I could deeply explore various facets of my life, my thinking process, default behaviour and correlated actions. These insights have immensely supported me in my psychological growth and helped me looking at the world from a new perspective. During this journey with Anisha – I truly understood each word this quote by John Dewey ‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself’.

  • I got to know about TA a little after my daughter was born. Got to know about Anisha and enrolled for her class. From the time I have been with her, this being the third year, she has helped me gain knowledge and changed me as a person. She is the only teacher who never gave up on me. Though I had zero knowledge about psychology, I understood the subject so easily.
    Thank you Anisha for being in my life, you are a TRUE friend.

  • When we're training to be helpers for modern society, it becomes of utmost importance to be shepherded by an authentic, human trainer: a soul who not only understands and teaches how humans function, but also a soul who practices what she understands, at atomic levels. This is where Anisha Pandya steps in.

    As for me, just by being with her in her training sessions, I have unlocked doors within me that were locked tight for years, and could not be accessed in my personal therapy sessions too! I have learned to unlearn and relearn about personal and professional living under her mentoring and warmth. Life is far simpler only by training with her (with, not under her for she ensures to treat you equally with respect - she teaches and practices I'm ok, you're okay)!

    Professionally, my skill sets have significantly improved, which have been acknowledged and appreciated by my colleagues and clients too. As a teacher, she brings in a fusion of many healthy educational pedagogies; there's fun but there's insight too. And the best part is, it's different almost everytime. She brings in teaching modalities that keep me excited for her next sessions. Furthermore, she also ensures that I've got my skills right; she will answer every query patiently! She shows thoughtfulness in her curriculum planning, and yet leaves room for new learning to emerge from the group dynamics. Additionally, I have observed her to pace with every trainee individually, allowing individual differences to contribute to learning, rather than impede our progress.

    I would strongly recommend Anisha Pandya's work for everything that breathes (or needs to breathe), for she truly lives by her name; she becomes the sunlight that lifts them up (In Indian mythology, her name means lightness & brightness)!

  • Anisha I take this opportunity to share my thoughts about being with you these 3 years.
    I have been training under Anisha past 3 years. I have not just learnt TA concepts but also have been able to practice it in each of our sessions. Anisha creates boundaries that are liberating. There is a lot of space to think and make choices for the self. This has helped me to bring in a lot of personal growth and development. To me you are a perfect balance between a trainer, friend and a nurturer, bringing forth whatever I need the most. I highly respect you for your knowledge and compassion, and that is my anchor.