Insightful Counselling offers a range of counselling & psychotherapy services. At Insightful, our team of psychotherapists and counsellors are passionate about collaborating with you on your healing journey. Our therapist gives you the listening ear, sounding board, and guides to bring some order to your inner and outer worlds. We believe in your capacity to find your own solutions to your problems with gentle guidance from our therapists.

Our therapists promote a non-judgemental and safe environment with empathy to listen to your unmet needs and formulate goals in collaboration with you.

Covid-19 has surfaced the importance of mental wellness, and there is an explosion in demand for personal therapy, marital therapy, parenting relationships, and addictions.

We offer our counselling & psychotherapy services in the following areas

Personal Wellness

Many of us feel stressed and anxious. We may experience depression, trauma, abuse, or have phobias and fears within us. Many of us notice fatigue and no energy to keep us going through the difficult phases of our lives.

Our counsellors and psychotherapists promote your wellness by providing a safe space to reflect on your experiences without being judged. Our experienced expert therapists help you process your emotions, moving from dysfunctionality to emotional functionality.

Relationship & Family Counselling

Relationship and Family Counselling will include couple therapy, marital enrichment, premarital Counselling, parenting issues, child therapy, adolescent therapy, separation and divorce therapy, and family violence. Our therapists work with you in a relational context towards your emotional problems related to your relationships. Relational issues can revolve around the unmet needs of each person in the relationship and different ways to meet them.

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