Marriage & Family Counselling

Relationships, Marriage & Family Counselling in Singapore

At Insightful we give importance to your relationship with your near and dear ones. Therapy can take different forms: 

– Marriage counselling,

– Couple counselling

– Parenting,

– Child counselling,

– Adolescent counselling,

– Separation and divorce

Let’s talk in brief about some of these services offered by Insightful Counselling in Singapore and internationally via our online platform.

Relationships, Marriage & Family Counselling in Singapore

Couple Counselling & Marital Counselling

Even though marriages are made in heaven, they are lived on earth and like all other relationships, marital relationships too require constant efforts to keep the spark alive.

Similarly, couples can also have relationship issues if they become complacent and do not water their relationship.

The usual issues that couples seek therapy for are:

– Lack of intimacy and emotional connect

– Repetitive pattern of conflict and disagreements

– Breach of trust due to infidelity and deception

– Emotional, Physical or Psychological abuse

– Physical/Mental health diagnosis and major life events

– Cultural differences and social integration

Couple Counselling & Marital Counselling

Family Therapy

Family therapy includes

– Imparting Parenting Skills

– Child counselling

– Adolescent Counselling

Child & Adolescent Counselling


Parenting is a joy, but it also comes along with its fair share of challenges. As every parent strives to instil life skills for daily and social living in their children, they all aspire to raise independent, resilient and self-motivated children. Often, in families with more than one child, the parenting style and approach that worked for one child may not work for the next as every child comes with a unique personality, which might overwhelm the parents. Though each child is unique in its being, the common issues for which parents reach out for parenting therapy are

– Preparing the older children for integrating the new sibling, Sibling rivalry and safe interaction

– Parenting through significant life events like trauma, loss of a loved one, divorce, adoption or relocation

– Emotional Dysregulation and Behavioral issues like school refusal, truancy and stealing/ shoplifting

– Motivation, goal setting and self-esteem development

– Parenting skills to navigate different developmental stages of the child with effective communication

– Skills coaching for Single parenting, Co-parenting, Step-parenting and Empty-Nesters

How Can Insightful Counselling Be There For You?

At the heart of Insightful endeavour are people. Our trained psychotherapists, Yap Huay Khem and Adeeti Jain bring to therapy their rich life experience to counsel parents, children and adolescents.

– Age-appropriate therapy techniques are used for children’s counselling.

– The chosen therapy approach is largely dependent on the age and the presenting issue and may include free play, art therapy, narrative therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

– Often times an integrated therapy model is applied in conjunction with separate or conjoint sessions with the parents.

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