Personal Wellness

What is Your Fantasy?

How do you visualise yourself when you are happy and at peace? What does your ‘secret garden’ look like? Is it beautifully watered or is it parched? Learn to make your secret garden your truth. Learn to water your garden to fulfil your goals and dreams.

Personal Wellness is About You. The Questions You Ask Yourself.

– Am I happy?

– Am I feeling depressed?

– Am I  motivated?

– Am I impacted by my childhood?

– Did I experience any kind of abuse like sexual abuse? Is it impacting me in the present?

– Am I in control of things around me or is my remote control with someone else?

– Do I say, “Why does this happen to me?” and make a change to this pattern?

– Do I deserve love?

– Am I worthy?

– Am I important?

– Am I loveable?

– Am I good enough as I am?

– Am I living with fear and phobias?

– Am I stressed or anxious?

– Do I have body image issues that I need to resolve?

– Have I experienced trauma or bad incidents in the past?

– Why am I like my mother or father?

– Why do I have conflicts with others?

– Why did my spouse do the things they did?

– Why was I abandoned?

– Why didn’t I have a childhood like my friends?

Answers are simple

The questions are unlimited. Some questions ask about your internal well-being and some about your relationship with other people, particularly those who to you.

The answers are simple. If you are experiencing sadness, frustration, shame, guilt, anger, or any other emotion that is impacting your present life in the here and now, it is time to consider therapy.


Counselling & Psychotherapy for Personal Wellness

Counselling and psychotherapy have made leaps of advances in recent times. Therapy does not mean years and years of being on a couch. Our experienced counsellors and psychotherapists in Singapore help you examine your ‘personal constructs’ or the narratives you have written for yourself. The lens you wear when you see yourself and others.

The moment we are born, we start saving our experiences. These experiences drive our behaviour, thinking and feeling.

Collaborative therapy will examine the narrative you would like to retain and perhaps make changes to some of your other constructs, to help you shape the course of your life. Our therapists will journey with you on your goals and commitments in therapy.


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