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Counsellor at Insightful Counselling - Sonal Shah

Sonal Shah

Counsellor at Insightful Pte. Ltd

My specialities: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Communication Issues, Family Therapy, Time Management.

Qualifications: Masters in Counselling (Advanced), Certification in Psychological First Aid, Masters in Commerce (Human Resources)

Language Proficiency: English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi

Fees: SGD $120 per 60-minute session

Hi and welcome!

I am Sonal,

I am here to help my clients heal and I work with them at their pace to provide the necessary strength to work towards bringing about the changes which will bring them closer to achieving their pre-determined goals to which will help them in leading a better and happier life.

I help my clients to develop the necessary coping skills and resources to overcome their problems effectively.

I provide my clients with a safe space where they can share their experiences and problems without the fear of being judged. My space is one where there is safety, compassion, and empathy. I, along with the client explore their strengths and weaknesses and work towards setting the goal for therapy.

I use combination of various modalities like Choice theory, Person centered therapy, Transactional analysis along with Solution focused brief therapy and Family therapy as my preferred choice of counselling modality.

I believe effective communication is a very important part of a successful relationship and I work with my clients in building strong communication channels with family, friends, and peers.

I started my counselling journey after 11 years of a successful corporate career where I was collaborating with people from various walks of life. In my corporate life I realized I am a people’s person and am naturally emphatic. People love talking to me and I am a good listener. So counselling was my natural choice for a career.

I have worked with people suffering from anxiety, depression, time management issues, communication issues, suicidal thoughts etc. with a lot of success.

I am born and brought up in Mumbai, lived for 8 years in Singapore and currently based in Dubai. My exposure to different cultures gave me a very good understanding of the challenges and cultural limitations faced by people as also the challenges faced by expats.

Professional Qualifications

Girl in a jacket Masters in Counselling (Advanced)Girl in a jacketCertification in Psychological First AidGirl in a jacketMasters in Commerce (Human Resources)

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Sonal Shah - Counsellor at Insightful Counselling

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