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Family Therapy And Counselling In Singapore - Insightful Counselling

Family Therapy

Family is a powerful source of support and change. Family counselling looks into family to understand mental health issues. rather than an individual as a source of problem.

Family Therapy and Family Counselling in Singapore

Improved communication

The importance of communication in a family is invaluable. Empowers your family

Resolve Family Conflicts

With therapy recognise the root causes of conflict to address them successfully

Expression of Emotions

Express your emotions within your family as they learn to give a listening ear

Encompassing Perspectives

Family therapy helps to understand and respect viewpoints of different family members

What Is Family Counselling?

One important rationale for family counselling is the belief that most life difficulties arise within a family setup and it is hence better to address it within the family setup. Because there is interconnected amongst family members. Family dynamics impact an individual, and an individual’s action in turn impacts the whole unit. Hence with family therapy, you can re-look at your family dynamics and make changes where desirable.

How Does Family Counselling Benefit You?

Family therapy or family counselling is the best way to give a new start to your relationships and heal the cracks of time. A family therapist will help you identify the dysfunctional patterns and help you make the desired changes.

How Does Insightful Counselling, Singapore Work?

Insightful Counselling based out of Singapore has experienced therapists who help you work through your family issues. We allocate on of our experienced psychotherapist to work with your family. We offer online as well as face to face sessions. For family therapy, you may also choose from our experts Adeeti Jain or Yap Huay Khem to work with your family issues. Next, we consult your family to decide on mutual therapeutic goals and work with all of you. Usually, the sessions will be for 90 minutes every week depending on the intensity of your family issues.

Trained Family Counsellor In Singapore - Insightful Counselling

Why Choose Insightful?

At Insightful Counselling Singapore our experienced therapists, Adeeti Jain or Yap Huay Khem understand the nuances of being an individual and at the same time being a member of the family. Our therapist help to differentiate between both family and individual needs and come to the best possible solutions for effective family functioning.

Get Back To Being A Bonded Family

Understanding comes with love and respect between families. It is something that cannot be taught. But with Insightful you will bond positively with your family. With regular sessions you will witness

Family Counselling And Family Therapy - Insightful Counselling


Reena has been my clinical supervisor since I graduated from a counselling master programme. She is patient and attentive. She makes me feel comfortable and less worry. Her counselling and supervision skills and knowledge are much to be admired for and she is generous with her knowledge. I left her office feeling fulfilled every time after the session. She is a extraordinary supervisor.

Reena is one of the best supervisors I had. She is very knowledgeable, passionate and compassionate individual who cares about imparting her skills on junior counsellors. She is well- versed in EMDR therapy and has taught me some valuable techniques to use with clients. Highly recommended if you are looking for a clinical supervisor.

I have had the privilege to experience Reena as both my Group Supervisor during my Masters at ECTA and one-on-one for individual supervision.

As a Group Supervisor, Reena allows the group to set our supervision goals. She is conscious when allowing sufficient time for cases to be presented. With her rich experience, she gently teases out info of each case, urges each presenter to provide his view, intervention and treatment plans.

As a Counsellor, I have benefited richly from Reena’s experience, generous sharing and guidance. I am truly grateful to be mentored and supervised by her.

Thank you for your excellent supervision. I am amazed at your generosity, patience, kindness, diligence, inspiration, commitment and support that you have provided during my internship counselling journey. You make me realize that I have more ability than I think I have, challenged me, pushed me, believed in me, help me grow consistently and constructively to do better and led by example. Thank you again!
- Jody Tan

Reena has been very helpful and insightful as a supervisor. She was able to shed light on my blind spots and offer suggestions in my intervention.
- Shifan Hu

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