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Trainee Counsellors

Trainee Counsellors pursue Masters in Counselling Each one of them is under supervision with Reena Goenka Insightful currently has 8 counselling trainees.

Languages: English, Mandarin, Tamil, Malay

Fees: Pro bono or Free Zoom sessions.

Face to face sessions in our clinic from $30 per hour

At Insightful Counselling we regularly take interns from reputed graduate programs offered in Singapore by Swinburne University and Monash University. In their final stages of masters training, Interns at Insightful Counselling are prepared to function broadly, competently, and as responsible professional counsellors.

As a client, you are offered pro bono or free online counselling or $30 per hour counselling for face to face sessions. Our team often recommends a student clinician to clients who call to inquire about services at our centre. So let’s talk today about some of the benefits of seeing a student and why you might want to do so!

Ensure Mental Health is affordable by all.

Clients typically show interest in students because of the fees. You as a client can expect to pay between $120 and $230 per hour for a full-time clinician at our office, which is not always affordable. We allow our student interns to offer pro bono services and only charge for face to face sessions @$30 an hour.

Each Trainee is supported and supervised by our senior clinician.

Each of our students works under the direct supervision of Reena Goenka, our director and senior clinician. It means they can access the knowledge, resources, and strategies their supervisor has acquired over her career.

Continuous care will be available to you.

The fact that our office accepts new students throughout the year means that even when your current student clinician graduates (generally after six months to ten months), they will be able to help you transition to a new student clinician. Feel free to stay in the clinic for as long as you need to see our student clinicians.

You’ll be able to help them grow.

You, the client, will play a pivotal role in helping our trainees develop their practical clinical skills and hone their styles. In a practicum, students learn only by ‘doing’, i.e. having clinical sessions. As they help you in your healing journey, they too are grateful and respectful of you, willing to assist them as learners.

We have experienced counsellors-in-training

All of our potential student interns are screened and interviewed by us, so the ones who make it through are the best qualified to support you. We select trainee clinicians who have a focus in areas where lower cost services are needed (for example, relationship issues, parenting issues, depression, anxiety, self-care, conflicts, mood-swings, or simply just discussing your thought process. We don’t allow them to work with clients until we are confident in their skills and abilities. Furthermore, because our interns are all graduate students, at least have one graduate degree along with their own life experiences, they offer invaluable support to you as clients.

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation - Insightful Counselling

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Sonal has really helped me overcome 80% of my anxiety in less than 2 months simply by speaking to me and diving deep into smaller aspects of my life. The best thing about my sessions are that my feelings and thoughts are quantified and with each session, we measure an improvement. In addition to the above, a lot of emotional instances I’m feeling are backed up with theoretical knowledge and examples which I normally remember while making a lot of decisions in life. Overall, very happy with the help - a lot of time and energy is taken out which is commendable!

Honest, clear, accurate ‘diagnosis’ of my feelings and emotions. Helps me to understand my feelings and my trigger points. Guides me on how to regulate them. Gives me an outlet to vent. My panic attacks have reduced and my mental health seems to be getting better.

I like that they are flexible and up to me how often I need them. Nisha has helped me to see a different perspective and be more positive in my lookout of myself. I’m satisfied with her care.

Listens very well, breaks down my problem faced in terms which helps me to better understand myself and what I am facing with. Gives me new perspectives in what I am facing instead of seeing it in a narrow point of view. I better understand what I’m dealing with, where I can focus my attention onto to make things work in my relationship. She’s a great listener, takes her time to understand what her client is facing and from there, slowly breaks it down for the client to understand what she has inferred from the session. Very beneficial and helpful, also willing to accompany for weekend sessions which is great for working adults.

She’s been very understanding just gives advice about all areas of life and the sessions just calm me down in general, also flexible about the timings! A place where I can openly just say what’s on my mind.

Manage to practice some techniques when having episodes. The approach of the therapist in charge.

This is my first time chance upon attending a 1-1 counselling session. I told myself to attend with an open mind. For me, my weakness lies in procrastination and I “feel” too long to get things done. Through Celine’s counselling and her sharing of thoughts by hearing me, understanding me, understand situations from another angle, I do have improvements in my line of work. Thank you Celine for your time, patience, guidance and a helping heart, improving people’s life.

I have had the pleasure of counseling with Tan, a student of the school at insightful counseling. Though a counsellor in training, Tan is attentive to my needs and is genuinely interested in hearing about my story in order to better understand my issues and how he can put his best foot forward to help me work towards my (counseling) goals about. what I like about our counseling sessions is that while Tan is a good listener , he is not afraid to delve deep and challenge my perspective( in a positive way) to see my issues on a different light. I would highly recommend Tan for your counseling needs as, in my humble opinion, he has the maturity and aptitude beyond what I expect a counsellor in-training to have.

Lily is an insightful and patient counsellor. Patient enough to listen to my troubles and not judge. Counselling by and large is not instantaneous, it really helps when professionals have the will to tough it out, and intervene at the right time.

I needed an outlet and someone who understands and does not judge me
Piriya mam has helped a lot.
She sees things from my side and helps aot and always adjusts timings and schedules and does not get irritated by my last minute plans
I am always eager to meet her as i am able to let out my feelings and cr freely
She is an amazing person

First of all, I want to thanks Insightful because give me this opportunity to get to know you as a counselling centre.

To my counsellor Eve Martin, no words can describe how grateful I am to meet people like you. You not only helping me in our session but also keep in touch with me when I need your guidance.

For now I already go thru 8 session with you. What I can say for this 8 session my scale of anger decrease day by day, now I already have a good relationship with my mom as I told you in our first session I don't have a good relationship with my mom but with your guidance for the first time for this year Hari Raya celebration I'm brave enough to hug and say I love you to my mom which I never expect I can do that action since I feel unsafe when I arrived at my hometown which is Sabah.

For now, I also feel excited with my work environment since I can handle the responses that I received from my friends. Less stress I think 🤣😜 you know how struggle I am with my workplace before this but after go thru the session and discuss with you to identify what wrong with my workplace now I'm proud to announce that I feel so happy and excited with my environment.

One thing that I never want to forget about our session when we discuss about the rollercoaster mood 😂 I will remember this for entire my life for sure.

Can't wait to continue our next session 😍♥️

I wish you all the best for your study and your career. Please pray for me too, I hope my dream to be a counsellor will be accomplished one day 😍

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