Top 25 Best Blogs For Stress Relief

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25 Best Blog stress relief

Is it easy for any one of us to say, “We are not stressed!!”

I know most people are struggling to cope with daily stressors.

Stress has become an integral part of our daily lives and we are constantly looking for ways to gain more insight and solutions to easing and coping with stressors. With our fast-paced environment, many mental health experts have seen the need to address the issue of stress.

To help narrow down which blogs out of the thousands online are helpful and effective, here is a list of the top 25 blogs about stress!

1. Why Stress Management Is So Important For Your Health

In this blog, Issac Eliaz discusses the science of stress, its correlation with diseases, and how healthy lifestyles and diet changes can help you avoid escalating anxiety issues. Issac writes that “when you become stressed, the brain undergoes both chemical and physical changes that affect its overall functioning.” He also mentions a few techniques to manage stress. The length of his blog makes it simple and easy to read!

To read original article Click here : mbgmindfulness

2. Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief

The title of this blog is rather self-explanatory! Health direct lists down a few ways to relax and even gives an in-depth guide into how to carry these techniques out. The explanations on how to do these exercises are very helpful. An important line in the blog is – “Although the cause of the anxiety won’t disappear, you will probably feel more able to deal with it once you’ve released the tension in your body and cleared your thoughts.”

To read original article Click here: health direct

3. How to Declutter Your Life and Reduce Stress (The Ultimate Guide)

Julie McCormick’s blog is super easy to read with the table of contents and being able to jump to the specific parts of the blog you have most interest in.

In this blog, Julie explains and gives readers ways to declutter their lives, work areas, and home. She also goes into the long-term aspects of decluttering and provides more resources on the topic.

To read original article Click here: Lifehack

4. How To Use Exercise To Beat Stress

Similar to the previous blog, Sweat also provides a table of contents and has hyperlinks to take you to parts of the blogs you want to read. The blog contains information regarding the effects of stress on our bodies, how exercising can help women reduce stress, exercises that can relieve stress, how much and when we should be exercising to reduce stress.

To read original article Click here: Sweat

5. 7 Ways To Manage Stress While Also Managing Bipolar

In this blog, Tanya Hvilivitzky explains 7 different ways we can manage our stress alongside managing our bipolar tendencies. She mentions that “Stress becomes problematic when it becomes chronic, sustained over extended periods of time without relief, or if it is acutely overwhelming at a specific point in time.” Her blog gives reasons behind why each way can help us relieve stress and is easy to read!

To read original article Click here: bphope

6. 4 Ways To Maintain A Positive Attitude And Keep Moving Forward, Even When You’re Stressed

This blog on stress focuses on positivity playing a part in our quest to relieve stress. You can read 4 in-depth ways to relieve stress and continue moving forward in this blog. An important line from this blog written by Brain Tracy is – “Much of your ability to succeed comes from the way you deal with life and manage stress.”

To read original article Click here: Brain Tracy

7. How to Reduce Stress in Education with Positive Thinking

Remez Sasson writes about one of the leading factors causing stress for children today – education. She says that “We will all agree that learning, particularly in a conscious environment, comes, usually, with a lot of activities that must be undertaken to attain certain levels or heights of life. If care is not taken, these educational activities can be quite exhausting, stressful, and mentally draining for a student.” She pushes for positive thinking to reduce stress and provides 6 ways to do so. Remez also lists the benefits of positive thinking in education.

To read original article Click here: Success Consciousness

8. Foods to Help With Burnout and Emotional Stress

Titanic Spa has created a list of food to consume when you feel as though you are burning out and are stressed. This blog is really interesting as it goes into why certain foods help with these feelings, and is backed by loads of facts. The blog also teaches readers that “Making sure that we consume enough healthy fats is very important for our health, particularly when it comes to our mental state. Omega-3s can really help as they have been found to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.”

To read original article Click here: Titanic Spa

9. Stop Pushing Yourself So Hard: 8 Ways to De-Stress Your Mind and Body

This blog written by Jo Ettles gives a very personal touch to it as she starts off by her own experiences, giving readers a more intimate feel. Jo explains 8 different ways for us to de-stress our mind and body. Her methods are simple and extremely useful. She reminds readers that “For every positive choice we make, we support our mind, body, and spirit. Self-care fuels us with the strength and energy we need to achieve all of our dreams.”

To read original article Click here: tiny buddha

10. The Impact of Stress on Your Mental Health

The impact of stress on your mental health

In this blog, Vanessa Racine first establishes what stress is and its impacts on both our physical and mental health. She also shares ways to manage stress. Vanessa brings up an important point – “It’s important to recognize that the way you feel about a situation plays an important role in triggering stress. A situation that is stressful for one person might not be for another, and vice versa.”

To read original article Click here: Red Cross

11. Acute Episodic And Chronic Stress Whats the Difference?

InEquilibrium’s blog lists the common types of stress and our physical, emotional and mental responses to stress. The blog has comprehensive information on acute and chronic stress, and provides a few ways to recover from stress. It also mentions that “when we experience a stressful situation we also have a mental and emotional response.  Depending on the severity of the stress, we may notice a change in our feelings, our thoughts and find that our responses may be out of character.”

To read original article Click here: in equilibrium

12. 6 Easy Ways How To Reduce & Manage Stress at Work (And Be Happy)

Acute Episodic And Chronic Stress What's the Difference

Jeff Murphy starts off this blog with a great hook to capture readers attention. He writes about the severity of stress, making a conscious effort to make time for mental wellness at workplaces and shares a few ways to manage stress. The blog gives good advice and explanations on the mentioned ways to manage stress.

To read original article Click here: SnackNation

13. Run a Small Business? Here are 8 Ways to Manage Your Stress

This may seem like a rather niche area, but it is easily relatable to us all. The blog mentions 8 ways to manage stress at work and focuses on reflecting on our lives and being more organized. Ellie, the writer of this blog explains each of the 8 ways to manage stress and its benefits.

To read original article Click here: DreamHost

14. How to Deal with Stress: 33 Tips That Work

How to Deal with Stress - 33 Tips That Work

Henrik Edberg writes 33 ways to deal with stress! This exhaustive list focuses on how to prevent getting stressed in the first place. He says that “Feeling stressed in today’s society is pretty much inevitable.” The article also contains a whole bunch of effective habits for dealing with a stressful situation when you are right in the middle of it.

To read original article Click here: Positivity Blog

15. Mindful Meditation: Scientific Proven Ways To Reduce Stress

In this blog, Dhaval Patel shares ways to reduce stress while practicing mindfulness. He reminds readers that “As a human being, stress is a natural response of the body when you have already reached your limit. It may be a natural response, but it is also one thing that we have to pay attention to mindful meditation.” The blog is easy to read and Dhaval assures readers that stress is normal and manageable.

To read original article Click here: Code of Living

16. 62 Stress Management Techniques, Strategies & Activities

62 Stress Management Techniques Strategies & Activities

This blog is a little long but it contains loads of information! You can read about what stress management is, facts about stress and burnout, tips to manage stress, techniques to manage stress, stress management in the workplace and so much more important information! It may be a lengthy blog but it is easy to read.

To read original article Click here: Positive Psychology


Tony Robbins’ blog revolves around the ways our stress affects our relationships.

The blog lists stress symptoms and their effects on our bonds formed with others.

A lot of the time we only look at how our stress impacts us and not others! “The negative effects of stress are highly contagious, and it will eventually impact the people around you – wreaking havoc on their lives, too.” Interesting blog to read.

To read original article Click here: Tony Robbins

18. How to Relax Before Bed: The Stress is Real

This blog discusses the importance of sleep and a bedtime routine, along with signs of poor sleep hygiene, foods to eat to help reduce stress and anxiety, things to do before bed and so so much more. This blog is packed with information and techniques to help us sleep better and be less stressed.

To read original article Click here: Tommy John

19. Six Tips to Help Kids De-Stress

Six Tips to Help Kids De-Stress

“Sometimes, we (and I do mean we) get so busy with ensuring that kids meet their grade-level benchmarks, that we forget that kids are not at all immune to stress.” Amberly Clowe writes about ways children can destress and acknowledges how academics may play a rather large role in childrens’ stress.

To read original article Click here: Moms Choice Awards

20. Ways You May Not Have Realized Stress Affects Your Body

This blog helps readers to understand stress, its effects on our bodies, ways to manage stress and when we should start seeking help for our overwhelming stress. An interesting line from this blog is – “Stress causes your muscles to tighten up to protect you from injury. You’ll often feel this tightness in your back, head and neck – which may be why you experience persistent headaches from stress.”

To read original article Click here: integrisok

21. The Effect of Stress On Your Body Explained

“Stress can affect us in many ways, from mind to body. But understanding these effects and how to manage our stress can sometimes be a little difficult.” In this blog, we learn the effects of stress on our bodies such as sleep troubles, negative impacts on our healthy lifestyles and more.

To read original article Click here: Rescue Remedy

22. 5 Herbal Blends for Reducing Work Stress

Different from the rest of the blogs, this blog is on types of herbal blends to help reduce stress. The blog gives explanations behind each herb and its qualities. It mentions – “While using the herbal remedy for stress, take your time, and make sure that you use the one that works for your body. The right herb can bring a massive difference to your mind, body, and spirit.”

To read original article Click here: European Business Review

23. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stress

This blog definitely has an interesting and intriguing title! Aytekin Tank writes about how he welcomes stress and that certain forms of stress are actually good for us. He believes that “Changing your perception of stress can literally save your life.” Aytekin also emphasises on how we should be the ones controlling our stress rather than our stress controlling us.

To read original article Click here: Jotform

24. 18 Terrific Foods to Help Relieve Stress

Healthline’s blog contains a list of 18 foods to help relieve stress. They even teach readers how to peel garlic! The blog mentions the benefits of each food, supported by facts and research. An interesting food item mentioned is Shellfish! Shellfish are “high in amino acids like taurine, which has been studied for its potential mood-boosting properties.”

To read original article Click here: healthline

25. The Truth About Running and Stress

This blog also gives a personal feel to it as the writer references their personal experiences. Runners would definitely love to read this blog! The writer suggests a new approach to running and also challenges the idea that running helps reduce stress in certain situations. “When unproductive stress is chronically high, you’re not able to assimilate the physiological changes that make you fitter and faster. Instead of recovering from running,  you just get more tired, ill and injured.” An interesting read.

To read original article Click here: Run Wild Retreats

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