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About ICT Professional Services

ICT is a professional psychotherapy counselling & training center with our certified therapists qualified to deploy several types of therapies and treatments for severe mental and psychological conditions.

Certified Therapists

Clinically certified therapists with Singapore Association for Counselling

Certified Supervisor

Clinical supervisor accredited with Singapore Association for Counselling

Multiple Therapies

Supports different therapies for healing

Multiple Concerns

ICT supports working with a range of psychological difficulties

Our Vision

To help make a positive difference in people’s lives through continuous effort and understanding.

Insightful’s vision is to make a positive difference to people’s lives. We aim to achieve this by providing the highest quality of mental health and community care to our local communities. Achieving our vision means always staying true to our values and working together as a team with our patients, carers and partners.

We aim to create a safe space that empowers individuals to make healthy life choices.

Our Mission

To assist our clients of all ages, in healing, feeling empowered and moving forward in life by collaborating and facilitating therapy with traditional and cutting-edge therapeutic techniques, in a confidential and safe environment at affordable prices.

We believe that recovery from adversity stimulates people to grow, and to reach their full potential. Our job is to help people to get back on their feet as quickly as possible and to give them the right tools to feel confident about their future.


Reena Goenka

Director at Insightful Counselling & Training Pte. Ltd.

Specialist Therapist, Transactional Analyst & Trainer

Languages - English and Hindi

Email - reena@insightfulcounselling.com

Kesavan Kumaran

Specialist Counsellor & Trainer

Addictions, Family therapy, Youth work

Languages - English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Malay 

Email - kesava@insightfulcounselling.com

Adeeti Jain


Pursuing Masters of Counselling (Advanced)

Language Proficiency: English, Hindi, Marathi

Email - info@insightfulcounselling.com


  • Transactional Analysis Therapy

  • Relationship Counselling with TA

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